Fremantle to Introduce On-Demand Bulk Waste Verge Collections

The City of Fremantle is set to introduce a new on-demand bulk waste verge collection service later this year (2023). This initiative follows the council’s approval of the proposal, marking a progressive step towards the Fremantle Verge Collection 2023.

Under the innovative new model introduced for Fremantle Verge Collection 2023, residents will now have the convenience of pre-booking their collections year-round. The service aims to reduce the unsightliness of streets, the risk of traffic hazards, and illegal dumping.

The new model will allow for a more efficient and flexible bulk waste collection service, and it is estimated to cost an additional $50k per year. The City of Fremantle will join other local governments that have introduced the on-demand service, including:

  • Town of Mosman Park
  • Town of Cambridge
  • Town of Cottesloe
  • Shire of Peppermint Grove
  • City of Vincent
  • City of Subiaco

The new model offers a tailored approach for households, allowing the City to expand its bulk waste collections to all Fremantle households, including those in the inner city and apartments. The previous model attracted community concerns, including:

  1. The unsightliness of the streets
  2. Early placement of materials
  3. Verge trawlers leaving a mess
  4. Traffic hazard risks

The consultation received 237 submissions, with 55% of respondents suggesting alternative bulk waste collection models should be considered. The City of Fremantle aims to reduce landfill and improve recycling, and the new on-demand model will be accompanied by an educational campaign to encourage recycling and reuse options.

The campaign will encourage residents to donate to charity, list items on Buy Nothing Facebook pages, use Facebook Marketplace or drop off items for free at the Fremantle Recycling Centre. The City of Fremantle will work to finalise details for the new model, including the number of collections offered to households per year and the notice required for booking a collection.

The changes will come into effect in September 2023, with a resident information campaign to be launched soon. For more information, visit Verge Collection Dates 2023 Fremantle

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