Sustainable Waste, Recycling and FOGO Education

  • 07-06-2021
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Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) is a new implemented bin system, that is responsible for the collection of compost waste, such as food and garden organics.

Since the population has been growing rapidly over the past few years, more and more waste is produced everyday. This harms our environment, as our landfill sites are already close to their capacity limit. And while creating new ones destroys the environment and habitats of animals even more, composting can be the solution.

FOGO bins

The mission of Ezyskips online is simple: We are striving for a greener future than ever. That’s why we take great care of rubbish removal to ensure a healthy environment for our next generation.

Especially organic rubbish has an immense impact on our environment. It produces methane, one of the most influential components when it comes to air pollution. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more noxious than carbon dioxide.

When organic waste is turned into compost it can become a useful product for agriculture and gardening. It also helps to decrease methane levels and reduces the tremendous impact on Mother Earth.

To help this going, the Western Australian State Government and its councils will install a new 3-bin system. The lime green FOGO bin will be added to the red general waste bin, as well as the yellow recycling bin. While the two existing bins are collected every fortnight, FOGO compost bins have a weekly schedule. So no more than two bins will be standing out on the street at the same time.

FOGO bins are meant to be filled with everything thats organic, such as garden waste, food scraps or even kitty litter. Councils will provide compostable liners or recommend using newspaper as a wrapping. Even paper and cardboard can be put into the FOGO bin, as its material comes from trees an thus can be turned into compost as well.

Rubbish in the FOGO bin will be brought to a composting site in the region: The Red Hill Waste Management Facility. Here the organic waste will be classified into different pollution levels to ensure the best treatment for every class. Afterwards it will be manufactured to compost through a static and forced air process.

For more information, every household will receive a 3-bin guide, which will help them to separate waste the right way. Those lime green FOGO bins will be funded by the Australian government and given out by its councils, so no extra costs will occur. Every household that is already signed up to a service that collects general waste and recycling bins will profit from this rollout.

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