Skip Bin Sizes

We offer a range of skip bin sizes from mini bins to hook lift bins. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, we have the perfect skip bin for you.

The following table compares different sizes of skip bins and their equivalent volume with wheelie bin loads or trailer loads. This indicates how many of those would make up the volume of the skip bin.

Skip Bin Size Wheelie Bin Loads Trailer Loads
2m³ 2m³ skip bin 8x 8x wheelie bin loads 2x 2x trailer loads
3m³ 3m³ skip bin 12x 12x wheelie bin loads 3x 3x trailer loads
4m³ 4m³ skip bin 16x 16x wheelie bin loads 4x 4x trailer loads
6m³ 6m³ skip bin 24x 24x wheelie bin loads 6x 6x trailer loads
8m³ 8m³ skip bin 32x 32x wheelie bin loads 8x 8x trailer loads
10m³ 10m³ skip bin 40x 40x wheelie bin loads 10x 10x trailer loads

For example, a 2m³ skip bin is equivalent to 8 standard wheelie bins or 2 trailers, and so on.

*The information provided in this table is intended as a general guideline only. Actual requirements may vary depending on specific circumstances and project needs. We recommend consulting with our team for personalized advice tailored to your situation.

Skip Size Recommendations

Here’s an example of how you might use the different bin sizes:

  • Mini Skip Bin (e.g., 2-3m³): Small garden cleanups, minor household decluttering, single-room renovations.
  • Medium Skip Bin (e.g., 4-6m³): Medium household cleanups, garden waste, small renovation projects.
  • Large Skip Bin (e.g., 8-10m³): Large household clear-outs, construction debris, large renovation projects.
  • Extra Large Skip Bin (e.g., 10m³+): Major construction sites, large-scale cleanups, bulky items.

Find Your Ideal Skip Bin Size

Still unsure about the right skip bin size for your needs? Read our guide on how to choose the right skip bin.

Or, our team will guide you to the perfect choice. Whatever your skip hire needs, we are ready to help you select the proper skip bin size for your intended job.