Efficient Household Waste Removal Tips

  • 09-03-2022
  • adminadmin

Rubbish removal in Perth’s northern suburbs can be a big task, whether you are doing a simple house or shed cleanup or a bit of yard work – through to full-scale renovation and construction projects

There are many options available like rubbish removal services, hiring a ute or renting mini skip bins in Perth that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We understand that you just want your waste gone, but there are different methods of rubbish removal in Perth and choosing the right method can save you time and money.

If you have large amounts of waste to get rid of and the wheelie bins won’t cut it, these are three leading ways you can have your rubbish removed quickly and effectively.

Council hard rubbish waste collection

The City of Perth Council offers bi-annual residential verge collection that allows residents the opportunity to get rid of all kinds of waste, including household rubbish, furniture, appliances and yard debris. This is a free and effective way to get rid of your rubbish and around half of all this waste is diverted from landfill for recycling.

The only downside is that these verge collections only occur twice a year, so you would have to time your cleanup to coincide with the collection dates. Leaving waste to sit around for months can be hazardous for your health and can attract pests and vermin.

Rubbish removal companies

If you don’t have a ute or the time or capacity to take your rubbish to the tip yourself, there are companies that will come and do it for you. This takes a lot of the work off you, but it can be an expensive service.

Hire a skip bin

This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get rid of household or business waste at any time of the year. All you need to do is order a skip and it will be delivered and collected when you are finished.

Through this method of waste disposal, you can get rid of everything from a yard clean up (which can produce more waste than you would expect), a house clean up as well as soil, concrete, timber, furniture, appliances – basically anything that is not a hazardous material (like asbestos, oil and petrol, paint or chemicals).

Your waste will be taken for sorting as well, so the majority can be recycled or repurposed and you are not impacting local landfills.

There are skips in all sizes as well, from mini skip bins in Perth to industrial-sized solutions. You can also get options with doors or hooks for relocating around a job site by crane.

If you are looking for instant bin hire at the right price, Ezyskips Online is your best option for rubbish removal in Perth’s northern suburbs. Contact the team at Ezyskips Online on 0410 704 294.