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3 Ezy Steps

3 easy steps to book a skip bin
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3 Ezy Steps

3 easy steps to book a skip bin

Ezyskips Online

Ezyskips Online has been a trusted name in the skip bin industry for over a decade. We offer a variety of skip sizes to fit your needs.

Wide range of skip sizes from 2m3 to 10m3. We serve both residential and commercial purposes with equal expertise.

Undertaking a demolition? Moving homes?

Or just need a yard cleanout? We’ve got you covered.

Plus, our bins are available for online booking 24/7.

Why Choose Ezyskips?

We offer the best deals on our skip bins, ensuring you get the most value for your money. Our skip bins Perth are available for hire 6 days a week.

For those seeking the cheapest skip bins in Perth, we’ll connect you with a local skip hire company based on your postcode. This ensures you receive the best price and fast delivery.

Local Service, Ethical Disposal

We’re not just local; we’re responsible. Our team ensures ethical rubbish removal.

With drivers spread across the Perth area and surrounding suburbs, we’re always just around the corner for your Perth skip bin hire needs. For more details or to get in touch, feel free to call us at 0410 704 294 or click the button below to order online.

Ezy Steps to Book a Skip Bin

This tutorial video shows how easy it is to book skip bins with Ezyskips Online. You must follow these 3 Ezy Steps to book online your cheap skips:

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Select your bin size
  3. Select the dates of delivery and collection

The quotes and details will be shown for your consideration and you can make a payment. We accept online payment using Master Card and Visa.

We guarantee that the quotation shown for your selected online skip bin is the best price you can find in this area. If you are still unsure about how to make the best choice for your bin hire, feel free to contact us.

Our team will happily guide you through the whole process of booking the right skip bin.

Acceptable Waste for Skip Bins

Our bin hire can accommodate various types of waste, ranging from garden trimmings to construction debris.

  • Household Waste — Items like fridges, dishwashers, garage sale leftovers, clutter, renovation waste, and more.
  • Green Waste — Regular backyard or garden clean-ups.
  • Construction Waste — Waste from demolition or construction activities.
  • Soil/Dirt — Clean soil, dirt, or sand without any mixtures.
  • Mixed Heavy Waste — Involving a combination of garden waste, construction debris, and other heavy materials.

However, due to Australian Government regulations, items such as asbestos, batteries, chemical liquids, tyres, paint, and other hazardous materials are prohibited. For a more detailed breakdown, visit our waste types page or reach out to our customer team.

waste types

Choosing the Right Skip Bin Size

Estimating the right skip size can be tricky, especially considering the range of skip bin sizes available. A simple method is to gather your waste into a heap and measure its dimensions.

For instance, a heap measuring 1m x 2m x 1m indicates a need for a 2m³ skip bin. Another reference is a normal box trailer size, which is approximately 1.2m x 1.8m and holds 1m³.

For a comprehensive guide, visit our skip bin sizes page or contact us for assistance.

available skip bin sizes available skip bin sizes available skip bin sizes available skip bin sizes available skip bin sizes available skip bin sizes

How Long to Rent a Skip Bin?

At Ezyskips Online, we prioritize flexibility for our customers with options like same day delivery. We offer the freedom to have your waste bin filled and removed in just 1 DAY; unlike other providers that require a minimum hiring duration of 7 days.

If you're prepared, loading a 2m³ skip bin can take as little as 1 to 3 hours. However, if you're clearing and loading simultaneously, it might take up to 2 days.

Position the skip bin close to your work area for easy access. Ideal spots include next to the driveway or near the front door on the lawn.

Remember to gauge how long your task will take to ensure you choose the best hiring duration for your needs.

How long do you need the skip bin?

Responsible Waste Management

As a reliable skip hire, we prioritise not just rubbish removal but also responsible recycling. We adhere to the guidelines of the National Waste Policy, ensuring that your waste is managed sustainably.

With us, you can be confident that your waste disposal is being handled in an environmentally friendly manner. Learn more about our recycling practices.

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Service Areas

Based in Woodvale, we proudly serve the entire Perth metro area, covering both Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs. Whether you're in the City of Mandurah, the City of Rockingham, the City of JoondalupFremantle, or any surrounding suburbs, we're your go-to "skip bins near me" provider, available 24/7.

Visit our Service Areas page to learn more.

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