Bin Hire Obligations

The Hirer Is Responsible for the Skip Bins

When undertaking bin hire obligations, the individual arranging the skip bin rental assumes full responsibility for its proper use. Even if employees are enlisted for filling, the organiser of the hire bears the ultimate responsibility to ensure it meets our specified requirements.

When considering bin hire obligations, it is essential to ensure proper waste segregation. For instance, if hazardous materials are inadvertently mixed with green waste, it is imperative to address this issue before continuing to fill the bin or scheduling its collection to avoid incurring additional charges.

When you accept delivery of a skip bin from any of our hirers, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions attached to skip hire.

Are You Responsible if a Passer-by Puts Prohibited Material in Your Bin or Overloads It?

The short answer is YES. Being the customer in possession of the skip bin, it’s your responsibility what goes into it.

Although it can be difficult to stop a neighbour from dumping stuff in the bin, you’ll still be accountable if the skip ends up overloaded or contains prohibited items.

What Happens if the Skip Isn’t Yet Full When It’s Collected?

Unless requested otherwise, you organise a specific date for collection when you hire the bin, whether it’s full or not. It’s the driver’s discretion to remove a half-empty bin on the due date, or whether to contact the customer first.

If you turn the driver away because you want to wait to fill your bin, then you’ll be responsible for paying further hire fees, or fees to cover additional trips by the collector.

What Happens if the Skip Cannot Be Placed or the Driver Is Turned Away?

Other than the skip bin hire company being at fault, if your skip cannot be delivered for any reason, you, the customer, will be responsible for any callout and transport fees incurred but will be entitled to the refund of the balance of skip hire, or have that balance passed on to the hire of another skip bin.

Can Asbestos Be Put in a Skip Bin?

Unless you have obtained written consent from the skip bin hire company you plan to use, you cannot place asbestos materials into a skip bin. Many old building materials contain toxic asbestos.

Many homes and buildings constructed before the late 80s likely contain asbestos building materials. Always consult an expert first before placing suspect material into a skip bin.

A skip containing asbestos materials will not be removed until the asbestos has been appropriately dealt with. You run the risk of incurring high decontamination expenses or even penalties if asbestos is found in your skip when tipped at the landfill or a transfer station.

Customers are responsible for all extra costs in these circumstances.

Council Permits

Different council jurisdictions have varying requirements regarding the placement of skip bins in public areas. Some may allow placement on the road or nature strip with the issuing of a permit, while other regions strictly prohibit this.

Sometimes certain skip hire companies are allowed to place bins in public places while others are not. Call first to ensure the placement of a skip bin on public property is allowed in your area.