How to Choose the Right Skip Bin

Ezyskips Online are the the leading of waste management in Perth. We have superior knowledge in waste management, an ethical and environmentally responsible approach to waste disposal and outstanding customer service. If you are looking for a skip bin hire in Perth for your residential or commercial project, here at Ezsykips Online, we can guarantee you the best rates on the day in your area and prompt delivery.

How much is it to hire a skip for a week?

Here at Ezkskips Online, we research the website of other Waste management Perth companies and ensure you get the best rates for your skip bins in Perth. You no longer need to spend hours or research looking at multiple sites trying to find the best Waste management Perth company. See below for a quick guide:

Capacity Dimensions in metre Waste Type Prices Starting at Order Now
2 cubic metre 1.98×1.5×0.9 General waste, mixed heavy waste, green waste, soil/dirt $180 Bin Hire
3 cubic metre 2.1×1.5×1.2 General waste, mixed heavy waste, green waste, soil/dirt $220 Bin Hire
4 cubic metre 2.99×1.5×1.16 General waste, mixed heavy waste, green waste, soil/dirt $250 Bin Hire
6 cubic metre 3.6×1.8×1.22 General waste, mixed heavy waste, green waste, soil/dirt $450 Bin Hire

What can I put in skip bins

One of the first things to consider when booking a skip waste bin for hire is what type of waste you will be disposing of. We are often asked the question “What can I put in a skip bin” We have several bin types from general waste bins to green waste and sand and soil waste bins. Each bin type will accept specific items with certain items being prohibited. If you do throw items not allowed in the skip, we reserve the right to charge extra so please do ensure you do not spend more than you have to by making the right choice first and foremost.

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Below is a guide to help you choose the right skip waste bins for hire

General Waste for light domestic waste and commercial waste. Items include general household waste, light office waste, paper and cardboard. Furniture and appliances, e.g. cupboards, fridge’s dishwashers etc.

Mattresses and car/truck tyres will incur extra charges so please enquire first if you wish to dispose of these items.

Prohibited: Hardfill, concrete, sand, soil or bricks, fibro fencing, palm trunks, tree trunks roots or turf.

Mixed Heavy Waste for domestic, commercial, construction, renovation and demolition. Bricks, tiles, timber and metal. All types of appliances, furniture and green waste.

Prohibited: Food products and tree trucks larger than 300mm.

Green Waste for green garden waste only. Branches, leaves, weeds, bark with no soil. Shrubs, grass clippings, twigs etc. Tree trunks smaller than 300mm.

Prohibited: Bricks, tiles, concrete, sand or soil, paper or cardboard, household waste and appliances, mattresses, tyres and no food waste.

Soil/Dirt for sand and soil only. It must 100% sand or soil. No other material is allowed.

How long can we keep the skip bin?

The standard length of time you can hire waste management skip bins is 7 days. You can certainly keep the skip bin for longer. All you need to do is let us know when booking so we can give you an accurate quote based on the time frame needed.

How to book skip bins

how to book ezyskips online

Booking a skip bin with Ezyskips Online couldn’t be easier. We have done everything we can to make the process quick and hassle-free. All you need to do is:

Once you press submit, your booking will be accepted and you will receive your bin according to your direct specifications. It really couldn’t be simpler. Plus if you have any questions, we are happy to help and provide information.

Our aim here ar Ezyskips Online is to encourage more people to hire skip bins as opposed to disposing of their rubbish in landfill sites that are already full or dumping their rubbish illegally. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and use the best technology and systems to ensure only minimal waste is thrown out. Ezyskips online works within the guidelines of the National Waste Policy and the majority is reused or recycled, thus protecting our environment for future generations to enjoy.

As the leading of waste management in Perth, we are locally owned and operated so in supporting us, you’re helping to ensure your money stays in your community.