Welcome to our Frequently Asked Question page! We believe this page will help you get the information you need. Please don’t hesitate to ask our customer support team for help if you can’t find the answer you’re searching for.

What is a cubic meter?

A cubic meter is measured by the depth x length x width. As a guide a level box trailer is approximately ¾ of a cubic meter.

What type of skip do I need?

This will depend on the type of rubbish you need to put in the skip. Use our Waste Types section to work out what skip best suits your needs.

What size of skip should I get?

If you can visualise your pile of rubbish and take 3 basic measurements, length x width x height. This should give you an idea of the size you will need. For a basic household clean up the average size needed is a 2m3, 3m3, or 4m3 skip.

Check our Skip Sizes page to find the best skip for your needs.

How long can I keep the skip?

You can rent our skip bin for a day with our daily prices. If you need it longer, that’s okay too. Please keep this in mind as the length of time you require the bin will have an effect on the total cost. The price quoted on Ezyskips Online is the total price for the duration you have specified when getting your quote.

What happens if I’m not finished with the skip before the due pick up date?

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean that you may not be finished with the skip by the date you have chosen for pick up. If this happens please contact your supplier as soon as possible to discuss.

Provided the skip has not already been booked out to another job most suppliers are fairly flexible and will try to accommodate your request.

How much weight can go in the skip?

A General Waste and Green Waste bins have a weight limit of 150kg per cubic meter. A 4cm skip bin has a weight limit of 600kg. Our suppliers are charged tip fees based on the weight of the bin for this type of waste.

If you skip exceeds this limit your supplier may charge you an excess weight fee. It is important to select the correct type of bin for needs before placing your order. Please refer to our Waste types to select the correct skip.

The limit of 150kg per cubic meter is the industry average. There are no weight restrictions on the Mixed Heavy or Sand/Soil bins.

How high can I fill the skip?

The skip bin should not be filled any higher than the top of the sides. The skip should be filled to prevent any material or rubbish from spilling from the skip during transport from your property.

We as a supplier can face prosecution for unsafe loads. So we may remove stuff from the skip on pick up to prevent this happening.

Can I put chemicals or paint in the skip?

No. Hazardous materials such as paint, chemicals, oil, grease, acids etc. cannot go into the skip. You should contact your local council to arrange disposal.

Where do you put the skip on my property?

In the Delivery Instructions section on the order page you may ask the driver to place the bin in an area that you would like the bin. Most people will use the driveway, front lawn or nature strip for the skip. Our suppliers will do everything they can to meet your needs, however, sometimes it’s not possible to put the bin where you have asked.

In this instance most drivers will contact the customer to discuss a solution and place the bin in the best place. If there are no instructions, the driver will place the bin in the best place they see.

What happens in I need to cancel my bin before the delivery day?

You will be entitled to a partial refund, in the event an order is cancelled by you, the customer, no less than two (2) business days prior to the delivery date. The cancellation fee will be 10% of the charged amount and payable to Ezyskipsonline.

You will be entitled to a partial refund, in the event an order is cancelled by you, the customer, one (1) business day prior to the delivery date. The cancellation fee will be 20% of the charged amount and payable to Ezyskipsonline.

The fee above is excluding the booking fee of $4.00 which is not-refundable. Check the details in our Refund and Cancellation Policies.

Do you supply skips to business/commercial customers?

Yes, you can order you skip through our website. You will pay using your credit card and receive a receipt at that time. We do not offer charge or monthly accounts.

Would I need a permit to have the skip at my property?

This will depend on where you wish to place the bin. If you have any doubts you should contact your local council.

Should you have any more questions or need more detailed information, please Contact Us.