Illegal Dumping Surges in Perth: Residents Sound the Alarm

In Perth, there’s a worrying trend unfolding: illegal dumping of rubbish is on the rise, especially in the beautiful Perth Hills area. It’s got locals concerned.

Imagine driving to work and seeing heaps of trash strewn along the roads. That’s exactly what Lara Carroll experienced recently, and she wasn’t the only one.

Residents are speaking up because they’re fed up with seeing their beloved bushland being treated like a rubbish dump.

What’s Causing the Mess


So, why are people dumping their trash illegally? Well, it seems there are a few reasons.

For one, living costs in Perth keep going up, and some folks might find it easier to just chuck their rubbish by the roadside rather than pay to dispose of it properly. Plus, there’s a lack of awareness about the harm this dumping does to the environment and wildlife.

It’s sad to see the bushland, once pristine and full of life, now littered with old furniture, medicine bottles, and who knows what else.

Council’s Response and Challenges

The local council, like the City of Kalamunda, is trying to clean up the mess. But it’s not easy.

Mayor Margaret Thomas admits they’re facing an uphill battle. They offer residents free passes to dispose of general waste, and there are places to recycle and get rid of green waste, too.

But despite these efforts, illegal dumping persists. The mayor says it’s tough to keep an eye on every corner, and installing security cameras everywhere is just too expensive.

Still, she urges residents to report any dumping they see, promising that the council will do its best to clean it up.

Why People Dump Illegally

Cindy, a keen orchid and wildflower hunter, has seen her fair share of the rubbish while travelling around WA. She thinks part of the problem is that getting rid of bulky items like fridges can be expensive.

If it’s too pricey, some people might just dump them in the bush instead. She’s not alone in thinking this way.

Many residents feel the same. They say the cost of taking rubbish to the tip is just too much, especially for those already struggling to make ends meet.

Residents’ Ideas for Solutions

Some residents have suggestions for tackling the issue. They remember the days when rubbish disposal was free, and they wonder why things have changed.

Others propose bringing back free verge collections or reducing fees for dumping bulky items. Sandra even used to take new migrants “verge shopping” to furnish their homes, showing that there are creative ways to deal with unwanted items.

Then there’s Janette, who believes education is key. She thinks if people understand the importance of recycling and reducing consumption, they’ll be less likely to dump their rubbish illegally.

Working Together to Keep Perth Beautiful

The surge in illegal dumping of rubbish in Perth, particularly in the scenic Perth Hills area, is worrying. Factors like higher living expenses, limited access to waste disposal sites, and a lack of awareness are fueling this issue.

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While the local council is doing their part, we all need to pitch in. That’s why services, like our skip bin hire Mandurah, make it easier for everyone to do their bit for a cleaner community.

Let’s work together and think outside the box to preserve Perth’s beauty for our kids and grandkids. One step?

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