How to Get Rid of Green Waste Effectively

While you may simply dispose of modest amounts of garden waste in regular trash bins or green waste recycling containers. But it can be quite challenging to dispose of huge volumes of green waste.

You need to think strategically about how to get rid of green waste effectively. This is especially true when you’re doing a garden cleanout because you’ll accumulate a lot of garden waste.

What Is Classed as Green Waste?

Green waste includes everything formed of a biological substance that degrades quickly, like paper. And any biodegradable substance that grows in your garden is also considered green waste.

This covers items like grass clippings. clip from the hedge.

  • Grass clippings, leaves, and hedge trimmings
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Hairpieces (human or animal)

Why Remove Green Waste?

There are several reasons you have to dispose of green waste:

  • It’s ugly and gives your house a messy look.
  • Pests like rats and insects may be drawn to it. They can cause damage to your property or spread disease.
  • It takes up a lot of space.
  • It’s a potential fire hazard during the hot and dry months.
a pile of green waste
a pile of green waste

Why You Should Not Put Green Waste in Your Bin?

Unless you are using a dedicated green waste bin, you should not be putting green waste in the general waste bin. This is because your green waste is just going to end up in a landfill. A landfill is not a dedicated green waste facility.

They can not mulch and turn green waste into valuable garden fertiliser or other green products. Sending green waste to landfills is never a great idea. During the hot summer days, lawn clippings and other green waste can also be hazardous in your wheelie bin.

As it starts composting in the extreme heat of the bin, it can catch fire – which can be catastrophic.

How to Dispose of Green Waste

It is very easy to dispose of small amounts of garden waste in a standard garbage can or a green waste recycling bin. But disposing of large amounts of green waste is more difficult. We have some useful tips on how to dispose of green waste.

1. Order a Green Waste Skip Bin

You may quickly dispose of green waste without leaving your house by hiring a green waste skip bin. Property owners can hire a green skip bin from a local skip company like ours. Or if you’re renting, get in touch with your landlord to get permission to order a skip.

Everyone can use our pick-up and disposal services for green waste. Regardless of your level of mobility or free time, EzySkips is a fantastic investment. Send us an email using the form on our contact page or give us a call at 0410 704 294 to learn more about our pricing for green waste collection.

2. Go to a Local Tip or Waste Disposal Centre

Another option for getting rid of green trash from your yard is to visit your local tip or waste disposal centre. Green garbage may usually be disposed of in a specified area at waste disposal facilities. You may either load your green waste directly into a trailer to transport to the centre or place it in green waste bags and dump them when you get there.

Loading up a ute or trailer and hauling green waste to a waste disposal centre takes a lot of time and effort. It can take a whole weekend to haul your waste to the tip. Not to mention the expense of dumping your green rubbish and all the fuel involved.

You don’t need to expend all of that energy or spend that money when green waste bin hire is available near you. They already have the equipment and will get the job done so much more efficiently.

3. Make a Compost Bin

A compost bin is a fantastic method to get rid of green waste. Compost can provide your garden and veggie patch with more nutrients. Grass clippings and leaves are excellent to compost.

Bigger items like tree branches and palm fronds could be a bit hard to get rid of in this manner. Making your compost can be an enjoyable weekend project.

4. Use a Green Waste Recycling Bin

Contact your city council and request a green waste recycling bin. This is one of the simplest methods to dispose of green waste. However, their service is subject to some limitations.

To begin with, if you rent your property, you’ll need to discuss using this service with your agent or landlord. The size of the bins is another drawback. For small to moderate volumes of green waste, they are effective, but not for a lot.

Additionally, this service only provides weekly or maybe monthly collection. Therefore, the only option to dispose of vast volumes of green waste is little-by-little, which might take weeks or even months.

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