8 Efficient Steps to Declutter and Clean Your Office

Has your office become a mess lately? It is often difficult to spare time to declutter and clean your office when there is so much other work to do.

Luckily, we have proven and efficient ways to help you clean your office without spending too much time or money. For a big business, this usually doesn’t occur because they can organise a specific cleaning team to manage it regularly.

However, for small businesses that only have a few employees and rooms, this would be the staff’s responsibility.

Office to Clean: What Are the Benefits of Office Decluttering?

The short answer would be to make it look nice and tidy. However, there are far better benefits gained from office decluttering including:

  • Boost productivity
    Wouldn’t it be nice to find a pen when you need it or an important document in mere seconds? Time is essential in business, and an organised office boosts your time management.
  • Company’s image
    If you are having a meeting with a client and they found a mess in your office, what would they think? These days, building the company’s image is important to gain clients’ trust and a simple way to do this is through a well-maintained office.
  • Feels comfortable
    For a professional, pretty much half of their daily life is spent in the office. Therefore, creating a comfortable atmosphere will help ensure that your staff won’t feel fatigued when they enter the room.

Clean Office: Simple and Efficient Ways to Office Decluttering

Here are some steps to follow so that you can do it efficiently.

1. Take Note of Every Item You Need

If your office is a mess you probably have a large number of items you don’t need. This is the perfect time to organise them based on whether they are essential or not.

Use your smartphone to keep track of each item. Make sure nothing is left un-noted. 

2. Empty the Room

Once you have completed noting all of the items you need, it’s time to remove everything from the room. With an empty room, it’s easier for you to clean and reorganise.

Start by removing the big appliances like tables and chairs then continue with other stuff.

3. Divide the Non-essential Items

Once all of the items are taken out, divide the non-essential items on your list based on recyclable and non-recyclable. This is the main point of office decluttering tips.

All you have to do is organise the rubbish nicely with a simple divider for each rubbish category. You can use a piece of flat cardboard as a divider.

4. Start Cleaning the Room

Now the room is empty, you can clean it. Start by sweeping all of the dust on the floor, walls and windows with a broom.

Then mop the floor with a soap solution to boost room hygiene, before letting it dry completely.

5. Plan the Room Design

office greenery

Before you place the items back into the room, it would be best to have a specific idea for your room design. You could use your old layout if you wish or create a new one for a refresher.

A current popular room design is an eco-friendly-themed office.

Adding a simple touch of greenery on one of the sides and letting the sunlight freely enter the room. This theme is believed to give peace of mind to people working inside the room.

6. Place the Items Back

Now that you have a general idea of where to put the items, place them back into their designated place. Keep everything neat as they need to be.

Try to keep your desk area as tidy and uncluttered as you can. This will help the office to appear clutter-free.

7. Throw Away the Rubbish Items

For the items you don’t need, you can throw them away in the garbage bin. If they are in a large amount or if they consist of big items, you can use a skip bin service.

You may take them yourself to the landfill, but hiring a skip bin for office waste is much more convenient.

8. Set up a Scheduled Cleaning Routine

Even though your office is already neat, clean, and organised, this doesn’t mean your work is done. To make sure it’s kept tidy, schedule a simple cleaning routine once a week to sweep or vacuum any debris that has accumulated.

This will maintain the look of the room and ensure it is always in great condition.

Office Declutter Solution

Hopefully, these tips can give you guidance on where to start to declutter your office. You can now understand how to manage the rubbish safely.

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