Rubbish Skip Perth

Here at Ezyskips Online, our job is to make it as easy for you as possible to hire rubbish bins Perth. We are your skip bins Perth comparison site so instead of searching rubbish skip Perth near me and spending hours online, we will do that job for you and guarantee the best prices for your rubbish removal Perth project.

From residential, commercial, and industrial waste disposal, we will provide exactly what you need, when you need rubbish removal service at a price that is right.


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Rubbish bins Perth


What type of rubbish skip Perth you can put in the bin

Although you might think that you can throw anything and everything into a skip bin hire, you actually have to be careful. There are many things that rubbish removal Perth companies cannot take. Don’t worry though, we have a list of what type of rubbish can be put in the rubbish bins Perth and what cannot:

  • General Waste

You can dispose of light general household waste including furniture and white goods and commercial waste such as paper and cardboard. Weight limits of 150kg per cubic meter apply to this bin.

Mattresses and car/truck tires will incur extra charges. If you wish to dispose of these please check with your supplier before placing them in the bin.

You cannot dispose of hard fill, concrete, sand, soil or bricks, fibro fencing, palm trunks, tree trunks roots or turf. No wet paint tins.

  • Mixed Heavy Waste

You can dispose of bricks, tiles, timber and metal, all types of appliances, furniture and green waste.

You cannot dispose of food products or food waste and tree trucks larger than 300mm.

  • Green Waste

You can dispose of skip branches, leaves, weeds, bark with no soil. Shrubs, grass clippings, twigs, etc, and tree trunks smaller than 300mm.

You cannot dispose of bricks, tiles, concrete, sand or soil, paper, cardboard, and food waste. No household waste or appliances and mattresses or tyres.

  • Soil/Dirt

The skip hire Perth is strictly for sand and soil only, it must be 100% sand or soil, no other material is allowed. At Ezyskips, we offer sand removal Perth service as well.

We cannot accept asbestos or other hazardous material in our rubbish bins Perth


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Rubbish Removal Perth


How to book rubbish removal service Perth

Booking rubbish bins Perth with Ezyskips Online couldn’t be easier. We have a simple online 4 step booking system and all you need to do is:

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Choose the waste type you need to dispose of
  3. Choose the skip bin size for your needs
  4. Enter the dates you need the bin for – We offer 7-day standard hire but you can keep the bin for longer should you need.

Once you submit your booking we will process your order and deliver the right bin for you exactly when and where you want it. We pride ourselves on our prompt and reliable service.

Need help? Don’t worry, our team of rubbish removal service Perth experts will offer assistance and answer any questions you have.

rubbish bins perth

Rubbish Skip Perth Cost

I know many people want to know how much does a rubbish skip cost. Here at Ezyskips Online, we compare prices to ensure you get the cheapest price skip bin in your area on the day you want it. The prices depend on the type of waste, skip bin size, and how long you want to hire the bin for rubbish removal in Perth.

Why Choose Rubbish Removal Service of Ezyskips Online

Ezyskips Online wants to preserve our environment so it can be enjoyed by generations to come. Landfill sites have already reached maximum capacity and many people are now resorting to dumping their waste illegally.  We are the premier Perth skip bin hire company due to our passion, commitment, and service. Our aim is to encourage people to use our rubbish removal service in Perth to dispose of their rubbish and in turn, we offer the cheapest prices and best service. All the waste we collect is sorted and we use the latest technology to recycle and reuse as much waste as possible to ensure only the necessary minimum is thrown away. Ezyskips online works within the guidelines of the National Waste Policy