How To Embrace the Idea of Zero Waste?

  • 06-07-2021
  • adminadmin

Look at the world today and waste cloture of single use items is not environmentally and economically sustainable. It’s what we call a circular recycling economy. To explain, recycling is just the beginning to understand this in a simple fashion. We are recycling plastic but very little of it is reused as we fall short of a ‘circular recycling economy’.  Circular recycling economy is about recycling to the point that waste can be reused. Simply put it is repurposing raw material to keep up with material demand and our hunger to consume whilst maintaining a net zero waste that reduces environmental impacts. This is a commonly shared goal and as nation we have started to see the road forward.

Single-use plastic bags are gone, plastic straws are a thing of the past, and now single-use coffee cups are starting to phase out. In terms of takeaway coffee cups, whilst most businesses have already made the shift to biodegradable coffee cups, many coffee drinkers are also doing their bit in using reusable coffee cups for their morning coffee. The key is that every effort made, no matter how small, has an impact towards environmental sustainability.

coffee cup waste

What is changing for takeaway coffee?

New legislation is being introduced for fully biodegradable takeaway coffee cups. The reason this legislation has come about is due to the sheer volume of single use waste that not only ends up in landfill, but increases manufacturing demand and carbon emissions. Let’s look at the numbers!

75% of all Australians enjoy the ritual of a morning coffee to start the day. That equates to a staggering 19 million coffees! What’s more, is that 23% of these 19 million coffees are poured into a non-recyclable cup. However, this will end due to the new single-use plastic rules coming in this year to remove plastic lined cups and lids. There is good news though! Most of the coffee shop have already transitioned to fully biodegradable takeaway coffee cups as they work toward supporting a cleaner Australia. The bad news is that they cost a little bit more, however in the long term our city will benefit by creating a more sustainable economy.

Why is a coffee cup a waste problem?

In Australia, the average coffee drinker will have 14 cups of coffee every week times that by 19 million coffee drinkers and then by 52 weeks in a year, well that is a lot of coffee and a lot of waste. 23% of this waste cannot be recycled due to the non-recyclable materials used. It is due to the exorbitant waste and the fact the plastic liner in most takeaway coffee cups which can’t be organically broken down that new legislation is being introduced for fully biodegradable takeaway coffee cups.

Once legislation is fully implemented and embraced by business the take away coffee industry will have made a huge shift in becoming a sustainable industry.

Let’s all do our bit and embrace the change for the good of all.