How Can We Remove Green Waste Effectively?

  • 14-12-2021
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effective green waste removal tips

Whether you are cleaning up the yard to get it ready for summer or a professional landscaper, disposing of green waste can be a challenge. Skip bins in Fremantle is the best solution for all green waste disposal.

It is very easy to dispose of small amounts of garden waste in a standard garbage can or a green waste recycling bin, but disposing of large amounts of green waste is more difficult. It’s especially important during seasonal clean-ups when lots of garden waste gets accumulated.

Ezyskips Online provides instant bins for home or commercial operations so you can easily get rid of green waste and get the job done in a fraction of the time. Skip bins in Fremantle mean you will get access to instant waste skip bins including on-time delivery and collection.

With skip bins in Fremantle, you can be assured all of the green waste will be taken to dedicated waste management stations saving your hours of effort.

Why You Should Not Put Green Waste In Your Bin

Unless you are using a dedicated green waste bin hire service, you should not be putting other waste types such as your lawn clippings, leaves and clippings in with the rest of the rubbish in the general waste wheelie bin.

This is because your green waste is just going to end up in a landfill, not at a dedicated green waste facility where it can be mulched and turned into valuable garden fertiliser or other green products. Sending green waste to landfills is never a great idea.

During the hot summer days, lawn clippings and other green waste can also be a hazard in your wheelie bin. As it starts composting in the extreme heat of the bin, it is possible for it to catch fire – which can be catastrophic.

You Don’t Need To Put In The Time And Effort To Dump Green Waste

Loading up a ute or trailer and hauling green waste to a waste disposal centre takes a lot of time and effort.

It can take a whole weekend to haul your waste to the tip, not to mention the expense of dumping your green rubbish and all the fuel involved. You don’t need to expend all of that energy or spend that money when green waste bin hire is available in a wide range of skip bin sizes and will get the job done so much more efficiently.

Book Instant Waste Skip Bins For Your Green Waste

For reliable green waste collection, you can’t beat the skip bins in Fremantle delivered by Ezyskips Online. You can invest more energy into your garden project and less time driving to and from the tip, safe in the knowledge that your waste will be correctly disposed of with minimal fuss.

For more information on our green waste bin hire, contact the team at Ezyskips Online on 0410 704 294.